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CB Radio Boards - 8 October 2018

Proprietors;- Mr A.J. Nailer HNC BA G4CFY, Mrs J.R. Nailer. 


Phone UK 01305 262250 International 0044 1305 262250

Please email or phone for a quote or for a Paypal money request or for bank details. Payment can be by direct bank transfer or by credit/debit card or via Paypal to g4cfy@talktalk.net together with a note stating product required. Purchase of several items is likely to make a saving on postage.

Orders & quote requests to  jean@spectrumcomms.co.uk

Technical queries to  g4cfy@talktalk.net 


Speech Processor, boxed, SP1000E Noise squelch, NS1000 VCO block for Cybernet, VCO27
Piptone, Kaytone, Hy Gain Bleeps Frequency mod-demod, FM455 EU and UK add-ons for FM rigs
Spectra bleedover filter, SF10.7 Speech Processor, SP059 UK add-on for multimode rigs
Noise Squelch UK CB to 10m Conversion  



The SP1000E comprises a high pass filter with a corner frequency of 1kHz followed by an audio clipper and low pass filter. It enhances the higher voice tones that carry the most intelligibility.  Due to the clipping action it increases the sideband power and hence communications effectiveness of SSB and AM transmissions. The peak to mean ratio of the transmission is improved by 10dB which has the same effect as increasing the transmit power by 10 times. Ready built 66.00 UK, 75.25 EU, 79.25 World. Prices including tracked carriage.

Bleep Boards

PT1000S PIPTONE Roger Bleep. The unit provides 50mV across a 600 ohm microphone. Tone frequency and amplitude are pre-settable. A relay is included for loudspeaker and PTT switching. PCB size 44 x 25 x 17mm. PCB Kit 9.00 UK, 11.00 EU, 12.00 World. PCB Built 13.25 UK, 15.25 EU, 16.20 World.  EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.

KT2000 KAYTONE Bleep (a name coined by Spectrum), this unit is the successor to the original Kaytone sold in 1979. End of message morse K particularly useful for weak signal situations. Adjustable pitch, speed, and level. A relay is included for TX and RX switching making it suitable for all rigs. PCB size 58 x 39 x 15mm.   PCB Kit 14.25 UK, 16.25 EU, 17.25 World.  PCB Built 21.25 UK, 23.25 EU, 24.25 World. EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.

TT2000 TUNETONE Bleep. Musical end of message signal with nine individually selectable notes. Adjustable pitch, level, and speed. With relay switching to make it suitable for all commonly available rigs. PCB Kit 15.50 UK, 17.25 EU, 18.25 World.  PCB built 24.00 UK, 25.50 EU, 26.50 World.  EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.

HG2000 HYGAIN BLEEP  A board designed to mimic the sound made by the bleep unit in the Hy Gain 5 multimode rig. Adjustable speed and level.  With relay switching to make it suitable for all commonly available rigs.  PCB kit 15.00 UK, 17.00 EU, 18.00 World.  PCB built 22.00 UK, 24.00 EU, 25.00 World.    EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.


NS1000 NOISE SQUELCH a really effective cure for all the annoying background noise produced by FM receivers. Allows reception of weak signals without loss of any except those which would have been unreadable anyway. Particularly useful for homebase use where its performance like that of AM is less annoying.         PCB Kit 15.50 UK, 17.50 EU, 18.50 World. PCB built 21.75 UK, 23.75 EU, 24.75 World.  EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.

SF10.7 SPECTRA FILTER active filter incorporating a 2 pole crystal filter to replace the 10.7MHz ceramic first IF filter in early CB radios. The effect is to reduce bleed-over by about 90% and by being active does not cause loss of sensitivity of the rig. PCB size 36x20x17mm. PCB Kit 8.00 UK, 10.00 EU, 11.00 World. PCB built 10.50 UK, 12.25 EU, 13.25 World. EU & world tracking 5.50 extra.

FM455 FREQUENCY MOD-DEMOD adds very good quality FM transmission and reception to AM only CB rigs. Receive side connects to the last IF amplifier before the AM detector. The transmit side connects directly to the microphone input and provides processed audio to the varicap diode in the PLL circuit. PCB size 44x39x16mm. PCB kit 13.50 UK, 15.50 EU, 16.50 World.  PCB built 18.50 UK, 20.50 EU, 21.50 World.  EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.

SP059 SPEECH PROCESSOR for Cybernet multimode rigs. Specially designed to overcome poor quality audio on PTBM059 & PTBM121 chassis. The board picks up the audio drive to the VCO processes it and then feeds an add-on varicap board. PCB size 40x20x15mm. PCB kit 9.50 UK, 11.50 EU, 12.50 World.  PCB built 13.00 UK, 15.00 EU, 16.00 World.  EU & World tracking 5.50 extra.



VCO27 VCO BLOCK.  Replacement for green block in Cybernet multimode rigs PTBM059COX and PTBM121D4X, also allows the rig to accommodate extra channels such as UK81 band. Type VCO27 for CB bands, for conversion of rigs to the 10 metre band useVCO28. Built 7.50 UK, 9.10 EU, 10.10 World untracked.

VCO48 VCO BLOCK. Replacement for silver block in Cybernet multimode rigs using PTBM048AOX chassis. 10.00 UK,  12.00 EU, 13.00 World.   



EU and UK add-on boards for FM rigs

SC26L SYNTHESISER CONVERSION to add EU band to UK rigs which use the LC7137 PLL IC. PCB kit 27.50, PCB built 35.50.

SC26A SYNTHESISER CONVERSION to add EU to UK Amstrad rigs which use the LC7136 or LC7137 PLL IC. PCB Kit 27.50, PCB Built 35.50.

SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION CB to 10FM suitable for UK CB rigs with LC7136/7 or TC9119P PLL IC’s. Puts the rig onto 29.31-29.70 MHz. State rig type when ordering. PCB size 64 x 40 x 17mm. Type SC29. PCB Built & aligned 32.50 UK.       


UK add-on boards for multimode rigs

SC02A SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION, eprom board for adding UK81 to Cybernet multimode rigs. PCB size 40x30x10mm.  PCB kit 14.50 UK, PCB built 16.50 UK.

SC02B SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION, adds UK81 and 40 below the existing low band to Cybernet multimode rigs. To achieve this spread of channels a replacement VCO block VCO27 will probably be required. PCB size 40x30x10mm. PCB kit 14.50 UK, PCB built 16.50 UK.

SC02C SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION, adds  UK81 to Cybernet AM/FM rigs. PCB size 40x30x10mm. PCB kit 14.50 UK, PCB built 16.50 UK.

SC106 SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION, adds UK81 to Uniden multimode rigs, Stalker 9, Cobra 148GTL DX, Superstar 360, Maddison, Jackson, State rig type when ordering. PCB size 40x30x10mm. PCB kit 14.50 UK, PCB built 16.50 UK.

SC3900 SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION, adds UK81 to Superstar 3900 and Galaxy Pluto rigs. PCB size 50x40x10mm.  PCB Kit 18.00, PCB Built 21.50.

SC3900F SYNTHESIZER CONVERSION, adds UK81 to Galaxy Saturn homebase and relatives with frequency readout. PCB Kit 19.00.  ready built 22.50.

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